Thursday, 8 October 2009

It's all changing

SO i'm not going to lie, haven't actually done anything with this blog, until now.
so i've moved to epsom, started a fashion journalism degree, and you guessed it one of our assignments is to begin blogging...perfect.

I guess i should start by filling you in on the last few weeks here.

Epsom.. Dead town but only a bus ride away from Kingston or train ride to Waterloo..the city is still within my reach!!

The amount of Fashion history that i've been trying to cram in to my head is a joke, needless to say i love it.. one day i would love to be able to have a conversation about a certain era and have something to contribute towards it.. be it Architecture, Fashion, Music even down to different linings or sillohuettes..

it's all early days but things are looking up.

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